Himalaya Currents Inc. 

501C3 Private Foundation

Namdo School Lunch Program

Spring Projects for 2019

  • Install additional Solar Panels and Batteries to connect Karang School power system to the Health Post next door to provide electric power to the clinic
  • Add more Batteries and Solar Panels to Komas school system
  • Install power system for Rapa Gumba school near Namdo
  • Test the Can-Watt micro generator in Ringmo and other sites in Upper Dolpa
  • Establish Solar Service Center in Tinje with our team.

Crystal Mountain School Morning Assmembly

Himalaya Currents Inc. has been established to support sustainable energy and water projects in remote Himalayan villages. We currently have several projects on going which involve power generation projects using hydro kinetic energy from streams , wind and solar sources. We cooperate with partners like the World Wildlife Fund, Freunde of Nepal, Schulverein Lo-Manthang, Dolpo Tulku Charitable Foundation, Tapriza Foundation and One Heart World-Wide to bring green technology solutions to this fragile environment.
Fall 2018 we installed the following at the Crystal Mountain School Complex:

12 Solar Panels & 22 Gel Batteries at the main school building
12 Solar Panels & 2 Gel Batteries at the Health Post in Dho
2 Amp Air 40 Windturbines at the main school building and Health Post
2 Solar Panels & 2 Gel Batteries at the Amchi Clinic in Dho
2 Solar Panels & 2 Gel Batteries with 2 laptops and LED projector at Shimen Primary School
2 Gel Batteries for the Tinje Secondary School