Peter Werth III
Founder & Director, Himalaya Currents Inc.

Himalaya Currents was established to create a service Non-profit agency that would focus its efforts in remote mountainous areas of the Himalaya. Originally the first projects were funded by the Werth Family Foundation and personal donations. These projects included the Kagmara Micro Hydro Project in Pugmo, Nepal and the Shelri Drugdra Middle School Solar/Wind system in Saldang, Nepal. Since the Werth Family Foundation is regionally based in its support, Himalaya Currents Inc. was created to reflect an international Non-profit agenda. Himalaya Currents would also serve as the technical service and installation team for these projects.

In September of 2013, the 501 C3 organization called “The Healing Hands of Gambia Inc.” was transferred to Peter Werth III. After assuming the role as Director, the name was changed to “Himalaya Currents Inc.” and now operates as such. Our mission statement was amended to reflect our new charter and the letters of incorporation modified.

After several of our original projects were completed in the Dolpa district, it became very clear that many of the problems in this area are interconnected. Energy, Education and Environment are tied together. Specific problems in this area are the infant and maternal mortality rate, social upheaval and environmental damage caused by Yarsha Gumba harvesting, and the Hepatitis B epidemic.

2. Performance

Himalaya Currents Inc., was created to target energy and education projects focused in Dolpa, Nepal. Established officially in June 2013 we are an active Non-Profit that supports worthwhile endeavors with partners working in Nepal. Virtually 99% of our donations go to programs and equipment in Dolpa. Our 990 tax filing can be made available upon a written request.

Peter Werth III Director/Founder

Himalaya Currents Annual Report

Himalaya Currents Inc., has accomplished several projects this year with the valued assistance from many of our supporting volunteers. These contributions in labor, equipment, planning and procurement have made this all possible.  We do not pay any salaries or have any overhead. Travel is not paid by the company. Himalaya Currents Inc., is a virtual company that is project focused. 2014 has seen our first substantial contribution from an outside donor. We hope to continue and solicit financial support in the coming year. As the success of future projects and designs gain notoriety.  Our goal is to complete two projects per season in Upper Dolpa until all schools and Health Posts have power.

I have now been working in Dolpa for over 7 years.  The land and people are undergoing great change.  Roads, are coming, motorcycles abound in some areas, and the pressures of tourism, yarsha harvesting and modernization are the problems that the Dolpa pa must deal with.  With modernization comes the risk of losing your culture and way of life.  This must be balanced, our task at Himalaya Currents Inc. is to provide clean green energy to schools, gumbas and health posts with minimal environmental impact on Dolpa

1. Background

About Himalaya Currents

Peter Werth and Dhan Rai hand off equipment to the Shelri Drukdra School, in Saldang, Dolpa, Nepal.  Our first Himalaya Currents project, still works perfectly!