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Nepal 4.0 Team (PR 1.0)

Because of the hurricane damage to Puerto Rico, we have change the project to make a system for the Island.

Himalaya Currents Inc. 

501C3 Private Foundation

Himalaya Currents Inc. has been established to support sustainable energy and water projects in remote Himalayan villages. We currently have several projects on going which involve power generation projects using hydro kinetic energy from streams , wind and solar sources. We cooperate with partners like the World Wildlife Fund, Freunde of Nepal, Schulverein Lo-Manthang, Dolpo Tulku Charitable Foundation, Tapriza Foundation and One Heart World-Wide to bring green technology solutions to this fragile environment.
Our trip in the Fall of 2017 was a successful installation of a wind/hybrid system for the Gomphuk Pema Hasal Chaling Gumba near the Namdo school in Upper Dolpa.  The system was installed completely by our trained Dolpali technicians, and provides enough power to run an electric hot plate to boil water! Our smaller systems in Tiling and Komas were installed for their schools.  We have also supported the building of a greenhouse at the Ku School!  Ringmo turbine is still damaged, and hopefully we can repair it this spring.  We also will install a small power system for the new school in Chharka this spring.

Spring Projects for 2018

  • We will run a training seminar for solar and wiring skills in Kathmandu.  We are inviting many people from Dolpa to attend these sessions.  We hope that this will go a long way towards maintaining and expanding the power resources in Dolpa.
  • We hope to rebuild and repair the Ringmo Hydrokenetic turbine that was damaged last spring because of high water.  This will be an upgrade to the system and hopefully we learn form our mistakes and make this more robust to survive and power all the new hotels going up in Ringmo.
  • We have issued funds to Pugmo to replace the wooden power poles in the village from the Kagmara Micro Hydro Unit to convert these to steel poles.
  • We plan to install a small hybrid power system for the Chharka school in Upper Dolpa.
  • We plan to do a power survey for the Nepal 4.0 Project that will upgrade the Crystal Mountain School power system next fall.

This years project is dedicated to Tinle the face of Dolpa.  He visited the school two years ago.