Himalaya Currents Inc. has been established to support sustainable energy and water projects in remote Himalayan villages. We currently have several projects on going which involve power generation projects using hydro kinetic energy from streams , wind and solar sources. We cooperate with partners like the World Wildlife Fund, Freunde of Nepal, Schulverein Lo-Manthang, Dolpo Tulku Charitable Foundation, Tapriza Foundation and One Heart World-Wide to bring green technology solutions to this fragile environment.

This years project is dedicated to Tinle the face of Dolpa.  He visited the school two years ago.

Academy of Engineering and Green Technology Hartford Connecticut

Our Spring trip this year was very successful.  We installed power units in the Komas, Tinje and Tiling Schools in Upper Dolpa.  The snow this winter with rains was difficult to deal with.  High water damaged some bridges, and our Ringmo turbine.  All other systems survived the winter and spring.  I was present in Upper Dolpa for the Yarsha Gumpa harvest season, and was able to see first hand the impact that this invasion has on Upper Dolpa.  It has to be managed in some shape or form soon, or we will see some drastic environmental changes to Dolpa.

Nepal 4.0 Team

New Power for the

Crystal Mountain School in Dho-Tarap

coming Spring 2017

Himalaya Currents Inc. 

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Fall 2017 Projects for Dolpa

  • Our team will install a large solar array and small wind turbine in the Rapa Gumba in Upper Dolpa.  This Gumba is where 40 young lamas train and study year round.  It is our hope to make enough power with this system to light the dorms and class rooms, and power a 2000 W convection oven!  This will be a challenge but ease the burden of using brush wood and yak dung as heating and cooking fuels.
  • We will check on the performance of the new Tinje power system, as well as the Saldang, and Namdo units.
  • We will also visit the Karang school and see how our new Head Master Pema Dorjo is doing in his first year as Principal
  • Lastly, we will inspect the Ringmo In-stream turbine that once again experienced damage during the high water season.  We hope to design a new deflection scheme to prevent this in the future.  Along the way we will check on the Ringmo Prayer Wheel painting, and visit friends in Pugmo.