Himalaya Currents Inc. 

501C3 Private Foundation

After a long winter the Karang, Namdo and Saldang power systems continue to run wonderfuly (see video)  Nepal 3.0 project with the students from the Academy of Engineering and Green Technology of Hartford kick off new project in January.  Installation of upgraded power system for Tenje Primary School scheduled for May 2017
Our return from the Schaller / Mathiessen expidition was truly a majestic time for our team. Returning back to Dolpa for GS some 40 plus years later was amazing.  During the trip we did repair the Ringmo Turbine and installed small solar power units for the Lama at Shey Gompa, and the Komas Primary School.  The unfortunate news is that the snow from last winter was very little and the water levels are very low.  Power output from the Ringmo and Pugmo power units are down.  We plan to leave in May to upgrade the existing power unit at the Shree Siddarth Kula Primary School in Tinje and add a wind turbine at the Komas school.
Hartford High-school Students for Nepal 2.0 in picture above.  Nepal 3.0 is underway!

  • Himalaya Currents is supporting the following Schools this year with financial aid:
  • Komas Primary School / Saldang Secondary School / Tapriza Secondary School / Ku Primary School / Karang Primary School / Namdo Primary School / Tinje Primary School
  • Ringmo Prayer Wheel building is completed.  Fund raising for painting of the wheel at the Gomba is underway
  • Saldang Wind/Solar Hybrid unit installed for the Shelri Drukdra Lower Middle School. See this link to view our suppliers news release for the equipment we installed. http:/www.prweb.com/release/2013/11/prweb11303481.htm. Fall 2014 Unit survives winter, running well.
  • New Health Clinic in Tinje is surveyed for power installation in the Fall of 2017.
  • Namdo and Karang systems run smoothly after their first winter!
  • Ringmo In-stream turbine is repaired.  Low river flow however is limiting our output and we have to load shed until the spring melt brings the water levels up.  We need snow this winter!
Himalaya Currents Inc. has been established to support sustainable energy and water projects in remote Himalayan villages. We currently have several projects on going which involve power generation projects using hydro kinetic energy from streams , wind and solar sources. We cooperate with partners like the World Wildlife Fund, Freunde of Nepal, Schulverein Lo-Manthang, Dolpo Tulku Charitable Foundation, Tapriza Foundation and One Heart World-Wide to bring green technology solutions to this fragile environment.